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New compact flume at Michigan Technological University

The brand new facility at MTU in Upstate Michigan features 8 x 0.7m hinge depth force feedback absorbing flaps in a concrete tank.

A52A7196   A52A7157

The tank has one glass side running the full length of the tank.
The beach is a custom curved profile with HDPE plastic decking.

The tank will be used for a wide variety of projects, from offshore controls studies to great lakes research.

Curved Ocean Basin Wave Tank at the LIR NOTF Ocean Test Facility near Cork, Ireland

80X 0.7m hinge depth paddles at University College Cork.

This is one of four tanks that make up the specialist LIR NOTF Ocean Test Facility at the MaREI Center for Marine and Renewable Energy.

The tank is 25m x 18m x 1m deep and has a movable floor in its central section.

The floor can be raised above the surface of the tank to allow quick and easy model setup.

The floor can then be lowered to give a total of 2.4m depth. Two sides have ED designed slatted beaches made from recycled plastic.

750mm Piston for SINTEF, Norway

Edinburgh Designs have commissioned a machine for a new low temperature at SINTEF in Norway.

The combined wave and flow tank was designed by SINTEF and is designed for oil-ice interaction studies.

Retrofit of Flap and Piston Machines to Grenoble Flume

Edinburgh Designs have recently installed two machines at Grenoble University, France.

A 500mm piston machine has been fitted that is removable.

The aim is to run this piston against the existing hydraulic piston at the other end of the tank and observe the wave interactions.

A 700mm flap machine has been fitted to the end of the tank.

Concrete work begins on the New Deep Ocean Basin at the National University of Singapore

The tank will be 12m deep, 45m wide and 60m long and feature full current capabilities, wavemakers on two sides, a moving floor and a 2-axis towing carriage.

The tank also has a 38m deep pit in the middle with a moving platform with integrated turntable.

This cutting edge facility will be the most complex wave test tank in the world.

It will be used for testing the next generation of tension leg oil platforms as well as renewable and ships.

Edinburgh Designs Engineers have been on site to witness the concrete work at the brand new Deep Ocean Basin at the National University of Singapore.

Piling is finished and the pit is currently being dug and the floor slabs are being pored.

Current and flow tank for Stony Brook University in Long Island

Edinburgh Designs will be building a bespoke current and wave tank for the Stony Brook University.

The tank will feature our first production Wet Back Piston Wavemaker. The machine will 1.5 x 1.5m and is designed to operate in depths up to 1m.

The tank will have glass sides to allow observation of experiments and stainless steel base trays.

Seven Paddles Installed for Aquobex at the Buildings Research Establishment

We have installed seven paddles into a highly specialized flood certification facility for Aquobex Ltd.

The facility will be British Standards Institution certified and will be used for flood doors and other defenses.


The BSI test requires 30 minutes of constant waves. This tank does not have any beach so reflections are extremely high!

Because of Edinburgh Designs unique force feedback technology,  the tank stays stable indefinitely.

Without our technology, this tank would not have been possible.


Ifremer Wave Current Circulation tank software upgrade

Edinburgh Designs offer an upgrade service that brings older machines up to our current state of the art software.

We recently visited the Ifremer Wave Current Circulation tank to upgrade the software and inspect the wavemaker.

Our software is constantly evolving to include new features, general improvements and support new operating systems.

One particularly notable feature is the brand new Analysis package. This tool provides an intuitive graphical tools for analysing experiments.