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Stony Brook flume commissioned

The tank  at Stony Brook University features Edinburgh Designs first production Wet Back Piston Wavemaker.

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The machine is 1.5m wide x 1.5m tall and is designed to operate in depths up to 1m.
The flow generator has a highly accurate electromagnetic flow meter and is cable of moving up to 0.9 cubic meters a second of water.

Stony Brook wave and flow coastal flume

…..Stonybrook waves side view
The Tank was installed in early 2017 and will be used for lots of interesting research topics including bluff erosion and sediment transport.

Edinburgh Designs awarded contract for National University of Singapore’s new tank

Edinburgh Designs have been awarded the contract to design and build the brand new Deep Ocean Basin at the National University of Singapores new facility; TCOMS.

TCOMS will be the most advanced wave tank in the world and will feature Edinburgh Designs equipment throughout.

170412 NUS DOBs ISO            170405 paddle layout diagram annotated

The tank measures 45m wide x 60m long and has wavemakers on two sides.
Deploy-able and stow-able beaches run the length of the long side of the tank.
Static concrete beaches run the short side.
A movable floor allows water depths of up to 12m and can raise to the surface to facilitate experiment setup.
A 10m diameter central pit with raisable turntable reaches a full depth of 50m.
52 Current generators move the water across the entire tank width.
An X-Y carriage spans 53m and provides a stable, man ride able platform for experiments.

All tank equipment will be controlled from one user interface as an integrated system.

See the Channel News Asia video.