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Single piston machine at USNA Annapolis

A new single piston machine has been commissioned at the highly prestigious United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

USNA annapolis single DP500 piston

The machine was tested fully in Edinburgh Designs laboratory before shipment and was installed by USNA staff in their coastal flume.

Glass Sided Compact 3D Tank at Strathclyde University

Edinburgh Designs have installed a second machine at the Strathclyde University Kelvin Hydrodynamics Laboratory.

The brand new machine features 8 x 0.7m hinge depth force feedback absorbing flaps in a glass sided tank.

The tank reuses three beach segments from the UoE curved tank.

The machine has been custom designed to maximise tank area in the space available.

Curved Ocean Basin Wave Tank at the LIR NOTF Ocean Test Facility near Cork, Ireland

80X 0.7m hinge depth paddles at University College Cork.

This is one of four tanks that make up the specialist LIR NOTF Ocean Test Facility at the MaREI Center for Marine and Renewable Energy.

The tank is 25m x 18m x 1m deep and has a movable floor in its central section.

The floor can be raised above the surface of the tank to allow quick and easy model setup.

The floor can then be lowered to give a total of 2.4m depth. Two sides have ED designed slatted beaches made from recycled plastic.

Stony Brook flume commissioned

We have built a bespoke current and wave tank for the Stony Brook University, New York State.

The tank can be seen in action on our Youtube page.

The tank features our first production Wet Back Piston Wavemaker. The machine is 25m long, 1.5m wide x 1.5m deep and is designed to operate in depths up to 1m.

Stony Brook wave and flow coastal flume






The tank has glass sides to allow observation of experiments and stainless steel base trays.

The tank will be used for a wide variety of coastal engineering experiments.

Seven Paddles Installed for Aquobex at the Buildings Research Establishment

We have installed seven paddles into a highly specialized flood certification facility for Aquobex Ltd.

The facility will be British Standards Institution certified and will be used for flood doors and other defenses.


The BSI test requires 30 minutes of constant waves. This tank does not have any beach so reflections are extremely high!

Because of Edinburgh Designs unique force feedback technology,  the tank stays stable indefinitely.

Without our technology, this tank would not have been possible.


Wavemaker under construction at the National Museum of Scotland’s new Energy Laboratory Exhibition

Edinburgh Designs have just started construction of a brand new wave exhibition for the National Museum of Scotland.


The tank will have two flap paddles at each end and has been designed to create mesmerizing wave effects.
It will feature the largest pieces of glass that Edinburgh Designs have ever used with dimensions of 4 x 1m.
The all new Energy Laboratory will be unveiled on the 8th of July 2016.

Edinburgh Designs Wave tanks used for US Wave Energy Prize Testing

The Wave Energy Prize is a public competition run by the United States Department of Energy. It aims to deliver game changing performance developments and entice new players to develop new Wave Energy Converters (WECs).

Entrants are competing for three cash prizes, with a maximum payout of $1.5M, following successful testing at the MASK basin.

Edinburgh Designs tanks are being used by entrants to the Wave Energy Prize to test their designs:

Stevens Institute, Hoboken, New Jersey

Wind/Wave Lab, University of Maine

MASK Basin, US Navy, Carderock


Many pictures of the competitors at Edinburgh Designs tanks are available here.

And videos of other Wave Energy Developers Testing In Edinburgh Designs Tanks