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Edinburgh Designs Wave tanks used for US Wave Energy Prize Testing

The Wave Energy Prize is a public competition run by the United States Department of Energy. It aims to deliver game changing performance developments and entice new players to develop new Wave Energy Converters (WECs).

Entrants are competing for three cash prizes, with a maximum payout of $1.5M, following successful testing at the MASK basin.

Edinburgh Designs tanks are being used by entrants to the Wave Energy Prize to test their designs:

Stevens Institute, Hoboken, New Jersey

Wind/Wave Lab, University of Maine

MASK Basin, US Navy, Carderock


Many pictures of the competitors at Edinburgh Designs tanks are available here.

And videos of other Wave Energy Developers Testing In Edinburgh Designs Tanks

Irish Premier Opens UCC Beaufort Building

Edinburgh Designs equipment forms the centerpiece of the new state-of-the-art maritime facility at University College Cork’s Beaufort Building. Edinburgh Designs have supplied 16 x 2.5m flap wavemakers for a deep water flume, along with a hydraulic movable floor.  A coastal flume has been fitted with 8  x 0.7m flap wavemakers in a movable module which allows tank water depth to be varied.  The third basin, the Ocean Wave Basin, will have wave generation provided by by the relocated 40 x 0.7m flap wavemaker originally built by Edinburgh Designs for UCC in 1993.

The building situated in Ringaskiddy, Co Cork and was officially opened by Taoiseach, Enda Kenny.

The facility was featured in the Irish Times and the Irish Examiner.