Glass Sided Compact 3D Tank at Strathclyde University

Edinburgh Designs have installed a second machine at the Strathclyde University Kelvin Hydrodynamics Laboratory.

The brand new machine features 8 x 0.7m hinge depth force feedback absorbing flaps in a glass sided tank.

The tank reuses three beach segments from the UoE curved tank.

The machine has been custom designed to maximise tank area in the space available.

24 Flap Paddles in New 400m Towing Tank at SSSRI

Shanghai Ship and Shipping Research Institute (SSSRI) are making an incredible investment in new research facilities.
Shanghai SSSRI 400m Towing Tank
Edinburgh Designs have installed 24 flap paddles and a raisable beach section for their new towing tank.
The tank is 18m wide and 400m long and is due for completion in 2020 subject to Covid19 restrictions.

Full Electronic Upgrade at DGA, France

The 24 paddle machine was installed in 1998 and was the first multi paddle, large flap Edinburgh Designs machine.

Having worked well for over 20 years, the servo amplifiers and digital controllers are now obsolete, and spares are hard to come by.

The machine is now like new and can be seen in action in the following video:

After 20 years, it was a good time for a full electronic upgrade.
The mechanical side of the machine only required some minor renewal works.

Novel Piston & tank for Marin SLING Multiphase Laboratory

Edinburgh Designs have installed a highly unique piston wave tank in an autoclave at the Marin SLING Multiphase Laboratory.

The lab will be used to research the intricacies of the water-vapour boundary in sloshing waves.

The autoclave can vary the pressure (5 mbar to 10 bar), temperature (5°C to 200°C) and gas composition.

Due to the extreme environments, the tank and wavemaker are totally new for this prestigious project.

For more information see the MARIN Multiphase website.

Double Ended Flow tank at the University of Sheffield

Sheffield University now have an Edinburgh Designs Double Ended Wave & Current Flume.

The tank has 2 x 0.7m Hinge Depth Force Feedback Absorbing Paddles: One on either end. Water depth is 1m and the sank side height is 1.3m.

The tank is designed for 0.8m/s Flow with an Ultrasonic Flow Measurement in the return pipe under the tank.

Compact flume at Michigan Technological University

The brand new facility at MTU in Upstate Michigan features 8 x 0.7m hinge depth force feedback absorbing flaps in a concrete tank.

A52A7196   A52A7157

The tank has one glass side running the full length of the tank.
The beach is a custom curved profile with HDPE plastic decking.

The tank will be used for a wide variety of projects, from offshore controls studies to great lakes research.