Khalifa Robotics Tank

The Khalifa University Center for Robotics and Autonomous Systems was established in 2018 to conduct pioneering research in robotics relevant to industry and society.

Edinburgh Designs has built a complex Robotics Environment Tank with cross flow, waves and instrumentation gantry.

The tank was completed in late 2021 and features 32×1.8m paddles in a double ended arrangement. 12 flow ducts provide flow across the width of the tank. The tank is 8m wide x 18m long x 3m deep.

For more information and to follow the latest research being conducted in the facility see:


  • 16 x 1.8m flap paddles
  • 12 x cross flow ducts
  • instrumentation gantry
  • 16 x 1.8m flap paddles
  • custom GRP turning vanes