Bergen Towing Tank

Bergen HIB required an integrated towing tank for a new hydrodynamics laboratory.  Six absorbing flap paddles were fitted for generating waves of a maximum height of 0.5m.

A towing carriage with a design speed of 5 m/s was installed above the tank with rails cantilevered from the tank wall. A wire drive system allows the carriage to be simple and lightweight, hence allowing heavier models to be tested.

A glass wall extension was fitted to the top of the existing concrete wall with hatches for model access. This allowed for larger waves than designed and improves the aesthetics and usability of the tank. This design also provides extremely good access and visibility of the model during experiments.


  • 6 flap paddles, 500mm wide x 1200mm hinge depth
  • Towing carriage capable of 5m/s and 2m/s² acceleration
  • 3m wide x 30m flume
  • Glass wall extension with model access hatches