Wave Gauges

The Edinburgh Designs WG8USB Wave Gauge Controller measures signals from up to eight wave probes. Each probe has an independent monitoring circuit and the drive is sequenced to each channel so ensuring zero cross talk between signals even when probes are in very close proximity.   The electronics can be positioned in close proximity to the gauging, which minimizes all lead-induced side effects. An error of less than 0.1% full scale can be achieved. Multiple wave gauge controllers can be added to the system allowing up to 120 fully synchronised gauges to be connected. The data transfer is fully digital via the USB port, which reduces loss and improves accuracy. Calibration and configuration are provided by a Windows user interface.


The gauge operates by measuring the resistance of the water between a pair of parallel rods. Resistance between the rods is proportional to the immersion depth.Electrolysis is prevented by using an AC drive from a low impedance current amplifier. Resistance wave gauges provide a number of advantages over other wave gauge technologies:


  • Excellent following of water surface
  • High data rates
  • Work well in large arrays
  • Probes are simple and low-cost
  • Integrated corrections in wavemaker software

The Wave Gauge controller electronics are completely software controlled: the hardware requires no physical adjustment during setup and calibration.  The software guides the user through the calibration process, and the process itself is completely configurable.  Linearity of the probes can be measured and corrected for in the software.

The software also handles data capture and synchronisation with the wavemaker (if present) or other devices. Captured data is output to a standard tab-separated text file. The Wave gauge Controller can be fully integrated with Edinburgh Designs' wavemaker control systems and software to synchronise data collection with wave generation and provide fine adjustment to the waves.

The Wave gauge electronics are contained in a small metal enclosure which can be mounted close to the gauges to reduce wiring complexity.  The controller connects to a USB PC interface via a cat-5 cable.

Wave probes

Two wire resistance wave probes are simple, robust, reliable and low cost. The control electronics is designed to drive a wide range of different sized probes. The probes are so simple we suggest you build up several sets specifically designed for particular experiments. ED usually carry a stock of 700mm probes that can be sent out at short notice. Other probe lengths can be manufactured with a typical lead time of 2 weeks.


Standard probe dimensions are:

H d
700mm 3mm rod

Optional probe dimensions are:

H d
300mm 3mm rod
500mm 3mm rod
1000mm 4mm rod



  • 8 gauges per controller.  Up to 15 controllers can be connected giving a total maximum of 120 gauges.
  • Sample rate: up to 128Hz
  • PC interface: USB
  • Max cable length between PC and controller box: 300m
  • Gauges connect via 2 pin Weidmüller connectors (supplied).
  • Excitation frequency: 10kHz
  • Crosstalk: Less than 0.1%
  • Temperature range: 0-40oC
  • Supply voltage: 9-18V DC, 1A.  (100-240V 50/60Hz AC adapter supplied)
  • PC requirements: USB 2.0 port, Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

Standard accessories

  • USB PC interface
  • AC power adapter
  • 700mm probes

Optional accessories

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